Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sandy's Spooky Stories

Sandy, age 14, loves a good scare. She has been visiting the library since she was 6 years old and has tore though many of our scary novels. Which story does she think will scare your socks off?

“I always loved reading In a Dark, Dark Room,” Sandy says. “It’s basically a child’s first horror story.” 

In a Dark, Dark Room is a classic chapter book written by Alvin Schwartz, of Scary Stories to Tell in a Dark fame. 

One of the spookier stories in this collection, “The Green Ribbon,” is about a woman who always wears a decorative ribbon knotted tightly around her neck. “It always made me think ‘Why didn’t she take it off?’ or ‘Why didn’t she tell her husband her secret?,’” Sandy said. What is the woman’s secret? You’ll have to read to find out! 

Sandy says she is interested in the stories behind ghosts. For older kids and parents she recommends Berks the Bizarre by Charles J. Adams, a local author specializing in ghost stories from Reading and Berks County. 

“I read the stories that mention Reading in them,” Sandy says. “I wanted to find this house [mentioned in one of the stories]. It’s near a graveyard and haunted by a lady in white. It was near St. Peter’s Church.” 

Sandy recently began writing, but isn’t specializing in the spooky genre. Instead, she’s writing fan fiction and sharing it online with her friends. 

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