Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Measuring Up at Wrestling Club

At our last Wrestling Club, we read about high-flying luchador, Rey Mysterio. Despite being only 5’6”, Rey Mysterio has defeated opponents much, much bigger than him. Just how much bigger than him? Wrestling Club decided to find out.

Check out the height chart the club worked on together to see how we stack up to Rey Mysterio and other wrestling superstars.

After reading about Mysterio and other luchadors, we used books and wrestling encyclopedias to look up his height and the heights of other wrestlers.We also measured ourselves to see how we stacked up!

Most of us were taller than Hornswoggle, but still shorter than Rey Mysterio. However, no one was as tall as wrestlers like The Big Show or the Great Khali. The tallest wrestler we found was Giant Gonzalez who was billed as 8 feet tall! The biggest surprise for us was that the Undertaker was "only" 6' 10" compared to his brother Kane who is 7 feet tall.We were expecting Undertaker to be taller.

After our experiment, we made lucha libre masks and watched Rey in action against another luchador we read about in our books, Eddie Guerrero!

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