Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Unfortunately, we've had to cancel two of our upcoming events:

Chess Club on Monday, January 30 has been cancelled. It is hosted by Million Youth Chess Club and will resume on Presidents' Day, Monday, February 20 at 4 pm. 

Our homeschool trip to the Neag Planetarium in March has also been cancelled. Registration was required for this event and an email went out containing the bad news. 

BUT, we still have lots of fun and free events for you! Check out our calendar for more information!

Monday, January 2, 2017

January Events

Ready to mark your brand new 2017 calendars? Make sure you add all of our free events to your planners! This year, we have lots of fun drop-in activities to better fit your schedule. Stop in after school or before dinner for a chance to attend a program, make new friends, and pick up some free books and movies!

New programs include Messy Play, the perfect place to let your kid try a messy craft. We do all the clean up!
If you are homeschooling, don't forget to check out our free enrichment programs HERE! (Registration is required so those programs are not mentioned on this calendar!). 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Babies Need Words

Just a reminder: babies love songs! Even if your child can't sing with you yet, singing plays an important part in them learning language.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Drop-in Programs!

We know how busy the winter can get for families. That’s why we’re offering brand new drop-in programs! Stop in after school with your children for a variety of fun activities like puzzles, legos, and coloring. The activities start at 4pm, but you can drop in over the next hour to start when YOU are ready! This is a great way to keep kids active during the cold weather and a great chance for you to engage and bond with your child!

Librarian Book Club: How to Steal a Dog

Librarian Book Club is back in session! This time, we're reccomending a book from a program we conducted called Novel Club.

Novel Club wasn't your run of the mill book club. Instead, kids met weekly to read the book TOGETHER and discuss it as we read. This worked really well for reluctant readers and highlighted the children's library's commitment to "social reading." What's that? Well, just as you would gather your friends together to watch a movie, we encouraged kids to gather together to read a book. The vibe was super casual: kids ate snacks, asked questions, and chatted as they went. This helped kids see reading as a fun, everyday thing (like watching a movie), rather than a super studious school-related activity.

Long story short: one of our favorite books from Novel Club was this one...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016