Monday, November 18, 2013

Super Readers

Luis, age 15, has been visiting the library regularly since he was 8 years old. He’s read a ton of books from our library, especially comics. In fact, he’s such a huge fan of Marvel Comics that his nickname growing up was “Spider-man Luis.” 

So what does he recommend? 
Amazing Spider-man, of course! He suggests kids get in touch with the original Spider-man, the stories by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, before seeing the blockbuster films. 

 “Kids should see how the original writer intended Spider-man to be,” Luis said. “They can compare and contrast [to the films] and see which version they like best.”

Of all the superheroes out there, why Spider-man? 

“Spider-man is more relatable to kids growing up or teens having financial problems,” Luis explained. “Spider-man isn’t like Iron Man who is rich and has armor or the X-men who have powers and don’t have to worry about money. Spider-man doesn’t have a mentor. He just walks around in his tights with no money. He’s having a hard time trying to take care of his Aunt. The press and police hate him. He has no one to help him but himself."

Are you interested in finding some great superhero stories? Click the link to find some of the books Luis talked about: Spider-Man books in Berks County libraries


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