Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year, New Programs

It’s a brand new year, we have a brand new space, and the Children’s Department has a bunch of brand new programs to share with you in 2014! Here are some of the highlights for the January Calendar:

Jurassic January: Little kids love dinosaurs so roar with us every Tuesday at 4 pm during “Jurassic January” where we’ll read about dinosaurs, play cool dino learning games, and make crafts! Perfect for kids from pre-K through 2nd grade. Tuesdays at 4 pm in January.

Block Party: Our popular Block Party is back. Build with Legos, waffle blocks, and connector straws to create a cool design. Thursday 1/16 at 4 pm.

Wrestling Club’s Internet Scavenger Hunt: Win tickets to see WWE Live by hunting down the clues on the library’s first ever Internet Scavenger Hunt. Download a form here. Need help? Ask a librarian or visit us on Saturday 1/11 at 11 am for Wrestling Club where we’ll also be reading about WWE superstar Daniel Bryan.

Barbie Girls: Barbie Girls is back! Bring your favorite doll and join us for books and activities starring Barbie. Saturday 1/18 at 12:30 pm.

Spongebob Shindig: Everyone’s favorite cartoon sponge is the star of this party, where we’ll be reading books, playing party games, and making crafts inspired by Spongebob and his friends in Bikini Bottom. 1/24 at 4 pm.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Welcome Back!

The Main Library reopened this morning! It feels great to be back, but what a very long journey it has been! Over the past three weeks, we've been unpacking hundred of boxes. Check out some of the photos of our progress, and stop in to see the final result itself!

Boxes! This was actually taken after we put all of our novels away. We had to get rid of those boxes to make room for more boxes!

Our learning tower of book boxes.
 most of the non-fiction books are done and we could start to see the floor again.
 Finally ready for opening day. What do you think?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our first ever Internet Scavenger Hunt!

December’s Wrestling Club is cancelled while we put the Main Library back in order. In the meantime, you can enter our INTERNET SCAVENGER HUNT. Visit these websites, hunt down these clues, and you could win 4 tickets to WWE Live at the Santander Arena in January!

Get a copy of the scavenger hunt HERE!
(Hint: One of the clues is right here on this blog!!!)

Need help with your scavenger hunt form? Want to talk with other kids about wrestling? Then come to the library's Wrestling Club on January 11th where we'll be reading about Daniel Bryan!