Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Reading Countdown

Every year, the state picks a summer reading theme for all of the libraries to follow. This year, we’re strapping on our capes and masks because our theme is “Every Hero Has a Story!” and revolves around  heroes: everyone from your local police force to your friendly neighborhood Spider-man! 

Check out these 5 ways to “hero up” with us this summer at the Reading Public Library:  

5. THE SUMMER READING GAME- Pick up a reading ticket at the library!

4. SUPERHERO TRAINING CAMP- This program starts June 11 and will be every Thursday at 1 pm throughout the summer!

3. KIDS' SCIENCE LAB- The lab opens June 18 at 4 pm for our first experiment!

2. FROM FARM TO LIBRARY- June 9 & 23, July 7 & 21, August 4 at 4 pm

1. COMIC CON -Be a part of our first ever Comic Con! There's something for the whole family!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The Children’s Library and the Teen Loft at the Reading Public Library have two very exciting opportunities for children, teens, and adults:

Summer reading is coming, and there’s no better way to kick it off than with YOU! Everyone has a talent, so show us your dance moves, magic skills, beautiful voices, or whatever other talent you have. This program is for little kids all the way up to age 18. The Talent Show has special guest judges, plus the Reading High Dance Team is going to kick-off the show!

Comic fans, assemble! The RPL is hosting its very first Comic Con! We’re looking for artists, writers, cosplayers, and community partners to show off their work. Professionals and non-professionals of all ages are invited to come! Our families are already giddy about this, so expect a nice crowd to check out your work!