Friday, September 27, 2013

Yummy Science!

What happens when you mix cream, sugar, and SCIENCE? Why, ice cream, of course! The Penn State Berks Chemical Society visited us at this month’s Chemistry Corner and used liquid nitrogen to freeze ingredients into ice cream, right before our eyes! What a yummy experiment!

Want to see what the PSBCS cooks up next? Join us for the next Chemistry Corner on Thursday October 24 at 4 pm at the popUP library on Penn Street!

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Programs!

Our new programs at the popUP start this week!

Join us on Tuesdays for Movie Night, including the latest releases like Epic (based on a book by the way!) and sing along with Disney's Teen Beach Movie!

Crafty Corner returns on Wednesdays with new crafts and art projects!

Wrestling Club is back! This Saturday we're reading books about John Cena!

Print out a copy of the calendar here:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reading is Reading: Miss Jeanette

Miss Jeanette is known as the Crafty Queen at the library. She is the creator of one of our most popular programs, Crafty Corner, an arts program featuring a new craft each and every week. In October, she’ll be beginning her 9th year doing Crafty Corner. At 9 years old, Crafty Corner is one of the longest running programs in the history of the Reading Public Library!  The Crafty Queen is keeping her crafting tradition alive at the popUP library and new crafts will resume on Wednesday September 18th at 4 pm!

What book does Miss Jeanette recommend?
"Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis, because that’s how I feel most days," the Crafty Queen told us.

Make a craft with us when Miss Jeanette continues Crafty Corner on Wednesday September 18th at 4 pm, our very first Crafty Corner at the popUP!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Put a bird on it!

We decided to plant a tree right here in the middle of the popUP library! Visit the children's department to check out our new Story Tree and make a bird to add to its branches!


Open for Business!

The popUP Library is open! Read the article below for coverage of the special ribbon cutting ceremony. The library director, Mr. Frank, had to use giant scissors to cut the ribbon! Even the Mayor of Reading came to visit (that's him on the left)!

From the newspaper:

With the Reading Public Library's main branch closed for renovations, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Tuesday to open its temporary replacement site.

The "popUP Library" in Suite 101 at 645 Penn St. features the same inventory and services as the main branch, just fewer of them in its 4,300 square feet of space, said Renee L. Dietrich, president of the library's board of directors.

That includes a children's section, popular books and DVDs and about a dozen computers that will go online in the next few days. The site will also host most of the same children's and adult programs as the main branch.

Read the rest of the article here:
Reading Public library opens temporary location