Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reading is Reading: Miss Jeanette

Miss Jeanette is known as the Crafty Queen at the library. She is the creator of one of our most popular programs, Crafty Corner, an arts program featuring a new craft each and every week. In October, she’ll be beginning her 9th year doing Crafty Corner. At 9 years old, Crafty Corner is one of the longest running programs in the history of the Reading Public Library!  The Crafty Queen is keeping her crafting tradition alive at the popUP library and new crafts will resume on Wednesday September 18th at 4 pm!

What book does Miss Jeanette recommend?
"Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis, because that’s how I feel most days," the Crafty Queen told us.

Make a craft with us when Miss Jeanette continues Crafty Corner on Wednesday September 18th at 4 pm, our very first Crafty Corner at the popUP!

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