Monday, March 10, 2014

Bon Jour to our new E-Cafe!

Bon Jour! Last week, we debuted our Parisian themed E-Café!

What’s an E-café? It’s a special reading corner for tweens featuring a Sony E-Reader and a Nook! Tweens can choose a book “off the menu” and read it in a quiet little hub.

“I feel like using an e-reader makes me read faster,” Taneesha, 11, told us when she tried out The Hunger Games on the Nook. She stops into the library and reads a few chapters almost every day in the E-café.

Tweens, ages 9-12, like having this special space all to themselves and love exploring this technology that makes reading seem more interactive and exciting. Inspired by the tiny cafes used for reading and writing throughout Paris, the E-Café also provides a quiet spot for tweens to retreat to when they’re ready to read.

The e-reader and Nook are pre-loaded with popular titles like Big Nate, Dork Diaries, and the Percy Jackson series. Classics like The Jungle Book and some teen titles like The Hunger Games are also on the menu for kids at the E-Cafe. 

The E-Café also features an upcycled typewriter table and patio chair re-designed with tween cartoons and Eiffel tower patterns. Long term library patrons may recognize our much loved Eiffel Tower from various displays and bulletin boards. We even walked it down Penn St. to bring it back from our popUP library location, with onlookers waving and smiling at us. It was even featured on the news when news cameras caught us carrying it up the stairs as we unpacked the library! Now our Eiffel Tower has a permanent home and serves as a fun backdrop to our own little France.

Books (and Nooks) can take you anywhere, so why not start in Paris at our e-café?

Do you have your own e-reader? You can borrow thousands of e-books (including books for children, tweens, and teens) through our library’s website. Click HERE for more information.

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