Friday, February 14, 2014

Lego Man in Space!

Our last Block Party got snowed out! Don’t fret: our next Block Party will meet Thursday March 13 at 4 pm.
Every month, we throw a "block party," using Legos and other types of building toys to design and create lots of fun things. It helps kids practice their STEM skills, but also lets them let loose their imaginations!

Check out what we did at our last Block Party:
After reading Lego Man in Space, a TRUE story about two teens who flew a Lego Man figure into space on a gigantic weather balloon, we began to design and build our own rocket ships.

We use lots of different types of blocks at Block Party. We use waffle blocks because they're big and sturdy for little hands. Block Party is a family program so any age (even mom and dad!) are welcome to join in and start building.

We use connector straws because you can build tall things really fast. Kids love these because they can build things taller than themselves!

And, of course, we use Legos!
 We also have lots of Lego books to give kids ideas and teach them how to build models. This rocket is actually modeled after the Empire State Building, a design this boy read about in a library book. 
 This rocket is inspired by the story we read, Lego Man in Space. The boys in the book built their rocket from a box and attached it to a weather balloon.
Want to read more about Lego Man in Space or check out our other Lego books? Check our online catalog HERE
Want to see the footage of the real Lego Man in Space? Take a peek at this video?

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