Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reading is Reading: Mr. John

One of the first faces you see as you enter the library is Mr. John, the security guard. It’s his job to make sure everyone is safe and to help families when they need him. He’s also a big fan of non-fiction! What does he recommend from our library?

The DK Eyewitness Reader series is his favorite. “There’s so many of them,” Mr. John said. “I could get lost in them.”
Each book is about a different topic with lots of great photographs, tons of information, and even a CD of photographs for your computer. From gemstones and  Russian history to mummies and astronomy, the Eyewitness Reader series seems to have a book for everything.  

 “Even if you have background knowledge in a subject, you can always learn something new when you page through an Eyewitness Reader,” Mr. John said. 

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