Friday, August 30, 2013

Movin' On Up!

The Reading Public Library is packing up and getting ready for renovations! We’ll be getting new carpet and paint and will be back in a few months better than ever!

But, it was a lot of hard work! Every single thing: books, computers, tables, and shelves had to be packed up. Some of it is coming with us to our temporary Pop-UP site at 645 Penn St. which will be open on Sept. 3. Most of it is going into storage. Check out our pictures of us “movin’ on up” to the Pop UP site!

Here's the children's non-fiction packed and ready for it's new home:

Somewhere under all of these boxes is the front desk:

Here is Crafty Corner, where we make crafts after storytimes and hang masterpieces made at our award-winning Art Attack program. The art gallery is closed for now, but we will definitely be making crafts at the Pop UP library. Look for our calendar to find out when Crafty Corner starts back up at our temporary location.

These before and after photos are startling. Here is our beloved Children's room in full swing:

And here it is empty and ready for its facelift!

What will the new Children's Department look like? Stay tuned! In the meantime, swing by the Pop UP site at 645 Penn St. starting September 3.

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